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Psychological thriller

Andrew Macintosh is one of fifty seemingly random individuals offered the opportunity to appear in a reality show, to be aired to millions of viewers across the world. There is only one catch: the contestants must not – under any circumstances – tell anyone where they are going.

Before entering the show, each contestant chooses their F-Word reward for winning: Fame, Fortune or Freedom. Transported to a giant glass hall in the middle of nowhere, guards patrol the hall and cameras watch their every move. There is nowhere to hide.

As the days pass and the events unfold, Andrew discovers that not only is he fighting for his freedom, but he is fighting to stay alive. The choice is brutally straightforward… Andrew must kill, or be killed.

The F-WORD REALITY SHOW is a compelling thriller that will leave you wondering whether the cameras watching your every move are your best friend, or your worst enemy.


Psychological thriller

The members of a local support group in a sleepy welsh town are captivated by the new arrival, Sheena Strachan. Each member of the group has a reason for attending. Some hide dark, sinister secrets, and for others it is the highlight of their week.

But what are Sheena’s motives for attending?

With Sheena at the helm, the group goes from strength to strength, both in numbers and commitment. But their behaviour is changing. No story is to leave the room. They trust nobody. Men are the enemy. The residents of the previously peaceful town start turning against each other.

Was this Sheena’s plan all along?

One mystery, however, stands out more than all the others.

Who is here to kill who…?

I AM HERE TO KILL YOU is a compelling psychological thriller that explores the potential power and devastation of manipulation.


Psychological crime thriller

The residents of south Wales were thrown into a state of panic on the 1st day of June 1988, when a married couple were brutally murdered in their own home. The killer, nicknamed Spartacus by the press, did not flee the scene immediately; instead, he used a cut-throat razor to carve Roman Numerals into his victims’ chests. 

This was the beginning of a month-long killing spree.

Seventeen-year-old Jeffrey Allen was to be the final victim, on the final day of the month. He became the only survivor, and the only real witness.

The killings end as suddenly as they began.

On 1st June 2018, 30 years to the day since the first killing, a mysterious figure refers to the sole survivor, Marcus, by his old name.

And so begins 30 days of terror for Marcus Clancy, culminating in dramatic fashion on the final day of June.

At Least the Pink Elephants are Laughing at Us


Eternally optimistic newspaper reporter, Herbert, has a fantastic idea for a book. All it requires is a simple proposal to a trio of unlikely comedians: join forces to perform a week of shows at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe. They are to be his central characters and their misadventures will form the plot. After all, nowt is stranger than fact.

The chosen three have nothing in common and are all linked only by childhood trauma and their upbringing in Bridgend.

Or are they? Why has Herbert chosen them as his central characters? Is he writing the story line before it unfolds…?

Just a Bit of Banter, Like


Hero to zero and then…? Experience the world as seen through the eyes of Nick Evans, a young city-slicker with a trophy-girlfriend on his arm. Fast-forward just a day and he’s caught his girlfriend in an uncompromising position with his friend, accidentally sent a rude email to his boss – and he’s on his way home to South Wales with his tail firmly between his legs, unemployed and single.

A life-affirming novel where Nick discovers what is truly important to him. The novel is frequently heart-warming, often dark but usually funny. There are scenes that will tug firmly at your heartstrings and others that will make you laugh out loud.

Now the Party is Finally Over

Various fiction genres

Now the Party is Finally Over is an eclectic collection of twenty-four short stories. Some of the stories are dark and disturbing, plenty are thought-provoking, whilst others are just downright funny. Although each and every story is very different, they all have a twist. Welsh Lessons won the Global Short Story Award 2010. Ten Pounds for Your Thoughts was included in the anthology The Road Home, and Sucker Punch was published in the anthology Fight or Flight.

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