Like a whole host of avid readers, I’ve set myself a reading target for 2023. I’ve seen some pretty awesome targets from other readers and – fair play – my personal target of 30 books isn’t particularly spectacular! It is going to be different, though.

How come? Well, I’m setting some rules of play which should make my reviews of interest to both thriller readers and thriller writers. Let’s run through some basics…

I’m going to write my reviews from a writer’s perspective. I’ll be reading the books looking at dialogue, setting, plot, characters etc. I’ll be considering what I’ve learned from the book, plus what I would have done differently.

 There are a few other rules:

  • I’m only going to review thrillers
  • I’m not going to review books that are massively successful (plenty of other people will already be reviewing these books)
  • I won’t review books that I consider are below 3* (I’m not here to tear books apart).

I’ve already devoured four books this year, and so I’ll start posting my reviews this week.

Watch this space!